January 2018

We welcomed a large group of members to our first meeting of the new year and any post Christmas blues were quickly dispersed by Jude Robinson with her talk on “The Spirit of Laughter”.  This involved the use of laughter to promote both physical and mental well-being and she soon had us meditating, prior to some rather unusual exercises which resulted in a few giggles and then spread until the whole room was laughing loudly.  It was  perfect antidote for a dark and wet January night.

A large party of ladies joined Elvington WI to help celebrate their 21st Anniversary early in January.  It was an excellent evening with a splendid buffet, Prossecco and birthday cake.  The speaker, Meredith Towne, is a historian with a special interest in Costumes and she gave a fascinating talk on ladies evening wear from Edwardian times to the 1940’s.  She bought with her some beautiful dresses and accessories from the different eras, which she modelled for us, to illustrate the rapid changes that took place due to the influences of the two World Wars.