The committee for 2018 was chosen at our AGM in November.  The committee members and their roles are:

President – Deirdre Burchall

Vice President – Margaret Karn

Secretary –  Sue Ponting

Assistant Secretary  and link for North East Federation – Carole Snowdon

Treasurer – Selina Burgess

Assistant Treasurer – Margaret Karn

Sick Visitor, Entertainment Ruth Smith

Entertainment – Carole Snowdon

Speaker’s Secretary/Host – Carole Snowdon

Web Site, Visitors/New Members Host – Sue Lees

Parish Magazine, Visitors/new Members Host – Jane Ruston

Door Register – Hazel Coates

Events Lists – Joan Whiteley

Thelma Cox has very kindly agreed to continue to be in charge of the Membership Communication System despite coming off the committee.

Ruth Sedman has kindly agreed  to continue with the raffle.

Yvonne Ashwell has kindly agreed to deliver the birthday cards.

These roles should give you an idea of who to approach if you have a question or want to make a suggestion.  We’re always looking for new committee members, so if you’d like to join us, please let us know.  It’s not a big commitment – usually just one committee meeting per month which is arranged to suit committee members – and we’re all very friendly!