Every resolution passed throughout the WI’s 102-year history has stemmed from a concern put forward by members. This uniquely democratic model offers the opportunity for you to combine your voice with 220,000 others to make a real difference on important issues. This year, 68 resolutions were submitted. These were narrowed down to five by representatives from federations at a shortlisting meeting in London on 2 October.

The next step is for you to consider all five and select the one you would most like to go forward for further discussion and final voting at the Annual Meeting in June 2018. The selection process is open to all WI members and you can make your selection by filling out the selection form found in the November & December issue of WI Life. Submission forms need to be submitted back to your federation by 9 February (check arrangements for this with your WI Secretary).

On this page you can find a selection of resources to help you learn more about each of the resolutions. We recommend that WIs and federations hold discussion meetings to explore the issues in more depth.

For each of the five resolutions the NFWI public affairs team have put together briefing notes, including background information, arguments for and against and sources of further information and PowerPoint presentations that can be used to explain the resolutions in Federation and WI meetings. There are also links to videos for each resolution that can be used in meetings to learn more about the issue.

1 – Positive body image in a digital age

2 – Stop female genital mutilation

A film produced by the Home Office with interviews with health professionals, survivors and the NSPCC:

3 – Raising awareness of modern slavery in the UK

4 – Mental health matters

5 – Healthier mouth, healthier body

If you have any questions about making your selection please contact your federation. If you have any questions about the resolutions on the shortlist or the resolutions process please contact the NFWI public affairs department.